AcquiSIGN Privacy Statement
At AcquiSIGN, we value our relationship with users and place the highest importance on respecting their privacy. Customers should be confident that personal and governmental information is secure and not shared.

Information we collect
The only personal information collected by AcquiSIGN is users name, governmental address, email, and phone number. This information is used to set up user login and password to provide users with access to iPad and laptop applications. This data is secure and never shared.
Both mobile and laptop apps provide users with access to governmental road sign panel and support structure data. Some information collected includes MUTCD sign type, support structure, gps location and several other sign/support attributes. User's login name and password are used to provide access only to road sign data within their own governmental entity. Users never have access to other users sign data or personal information. AcquiSIGN collects no personal user information when the user is logged in.

Where can you obtain further information about the app and its privacy practice?
32295 Goldenrod St. NW
Cambridge, MN 55008

We reserve the right to amend this privacy notice

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